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We are a corporate leader in the outsourcing of Asbestos removal and disposal Australia wide. Our strategic alliances are present Australia wide to ensure our level of service is second to none. Each alliance is put through a selection process to ensure a consistent and professional approach is adhered to. This reinforces the commitment we have to our customers-Doing the right thing.

Also, we are Australia’s only founder and developer of the Asbestos Test Kit and Asbestos related products. Our distribution network has a presence throughout the nation and we continue to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers and partners.

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  Asbestos Test Kits

Need to know how to use our kits? View our Informational Segment from the television show Better Homes and Gardens.

Protect your family from mesothelioma.

Check for asbestos in your home before you renovate with these test kits.
You can now purchase the Australia’s Number 1 ASBESTOS TEST KIT online now from Australian Asbestos Removal Services or selected home renovation and hardware retail outlets.

About Asbestos

Asbestos was one of the most commonly used building products in Australia from the early 1900’s and up to 2000 was fibro (fibrous cement sheeting) an asbestos containing material (ACM). Asbestos was also commonly used in the automotive and electrical industry, protective paint coatings and thus found many uses in the construction of older infrastructure.

Fibro was used extensively for wall cladding and sheeting, ceilings, fencing and roofing material (commonly known as super six) the asbestos-based roof sheeting and fence material was used everywhere.

Because it is constantly exposed to the elements it poses a high risk as it will suffer weathering and has a limited life before it starts to break down thus constantly releasing asbestos fibres into the surrounding atmosphere every time the wind blows. Rain, hail or shine this silent killer known as asbestos is at work.

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What is asbestos? Asbestos Video

View our informational video about asbestos and its hazards.